About me

Well, this page is a personal page, I need to show off  ~
However, how to write more special?
Very entanglements, exactly how to do.
Or write like this
I am Li Xinxing,  from the Shandong Department of electronic information engineering in a university, individual character cheerful, lively, like computer, and we hope to become good friends.
Oh no, how to write self introduction
No no
Not too creative.
Think again.
Hey, how about this
I like computer, dreamed of becoming a programmer;
I like the construction site, hope to save memory through the website.
I like to take pictures, but than technology, I am the cha cha.
I love bubble nets, always spends most of his time in the global internet…
I like reading, but just like books about computer technology.
I love…

Well, this feeling is also good
Almost on the line
As if also the shortcomings of what…
What is missing,
Yes, don’t tell my contact Na
Contact way:
E-mail: admin[adt]lxx1.com
Community: technology lovers
Website: lixix.lofter.com

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